Summer 2013 Global Yoga Fundraiser Spokesperson: Esther Ekhart


Esther, daughter of a yoga teacher, started practicing yoga early in life. She became a yoga teacher when she was 18.  When she was living in Ireland, the remote setting inspired her to start her YouTube channel yogatic, to share yoga with everyone. With the success of her YouTube channel she launched her online yoga website EkhartYoga  Esther now lives in The Netherlands and streams her classes to an international audience, together with her team of great Yoga teachers.

To support this fundraiser, Esther Ekhart from will stream a free, full length yoga class for everyone who has donated. If you want to have access to this class please send a PM to Rheba Estante at with a copy of your donation receipt from Indiegogo, so it can be confirmed that funds were sent to Doctors without Borders USA.

After sending Rheba a PM with your proof of donation, please add your contact details (name and email address) on the following form, click here, to receive a link to Esther’s online class once it is available. Your email will not be used for any other purpose other than to send you the link. We will send you a private link to the class. This class will be available for one week from the July 23, 2013.

Wheel-pose Side-angle-pose Down-dog-pose Crow-pose Chair-Pose EkhartYoga-logo


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