Media Coverage

Media coverage of our event partners, inspiring experts and the fundraiser. Updates will be posted as they are published.

Travis Eliot of The Ultimate Yogi leads fundraiser for Doctors without Borders

Yogi3 Yogi2 Yogi Travis Yogi5 Yogi4 65_Balance 8_crosstrain box_ad banner_ultimate_yogi_travis_eliot_bio Screen-shot-2013-08-16-at-8.57.58-PM yoga_p90x_dvd_lauren travis_eliot_yoga_in_the_thick2 travis_eliot_1 ultimate_yogi_dvd-instruction


Dutch Yoga

Yoga and Pilatesthon Global Fundraiser on BlogTalkRadio


Ekhart Yoga: Bringing Yoga Home with Esther Ekhart

5 Yoga Innovators to Watch (includes Esther Ekhart)

Dr. Marsha Lucas on Rewire Your Brain For Love

Dr. Eva Selhub on The Love Response

Debi Berndt and Clinical Hypnosis for Positive Relationships

Dr. Margaret Paul and Inner Bonding

Cardinal Chiropractic and Ideal Protein

Heather Strang and BodyTalk

Biofeedback and Lyn Delmastro

Cinthia Dennis and NLP

The Gabrielle Bernstein Primer

May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein

EkhartYoga-logo Wheel-pose Side-angle-pose Down-dog-pose Crow-pose Chair-Pose


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