Summer 2013 Global Yoga Fundraiser for Doctors without Borders

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Thank you for visiting the Yoga and Pilatesthon Global Fundraiser for Doctors without Borders event page. Our first fundraising event was held on Tuesday, July 23, 2013 as a benefit for Doctors Without Borders. Here is the link to download the fundraising flyer: yoga-and-pilates-msf-event.

The Summer 2013 Yoga & Pilatesthon Global Funrdraiser Spokesperson: Esther Ekhart

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Esther, daughter of a yoga teacher, started practicing yoga early in life. She became a yoga teacher when she was 18.  When she was living in Ireland, the remote setting inspired her to start her YouTube channel yogatic, to share yoga with everyone. With the success of her YouTube channel she launched her online yoga website EkhartYoga  Esther now lives in The Netherlands and streams her classes to an international audience, together with her team of great Yoga teachers.

To support this fundraiser, Esther Ekhart from streamed a free, full length yoga class for everyone who has donated. Participants who wanted access to this class simply sent a PM to Rheba Estante at to indicate that they have made a donation. Usually you will receive a than you message from Doctors Without Borders with a receipt number. Please note, DO NOT SEND A COPY OF AN OFFICIAL TAX RECEIPT OR ANYTHING WITH YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION.  Residents of The Netherlands, made their donation to the Dutch office of Doctors Without Borders, click here.

After sending Rheba a PM about their donation, donors were asked to make sure to indicate which email address they wanted to receive a link to Esther’s online class once it became available. Emails were not be used for any other purpose other than to send a donor the link. This was a private link to the online class. This class was made available for one week from the July 23, 2013.

Those who wanted to also access Lyn Delmastro’s digital meditation CD of her “Healing Journeys” guided visualization, were also asked to send Rheba a PM with proof of their donation via the Indiegogo fundraising website. Minimum donation of $25 for access to BOTH the online yoga classes from Esther and Lyn’s CD. Lyn’s CD will made available via dropbox. If your dropbox email address is different the one used to make a donation, please indicate which email address to use to send the CD.

Description of Lyn’s “Healing Journeys” CD: This album contains two tracks of guided imagery meditations and a track of Autogenic Training, all of which help create deep relaxation and healing. One track is a chakra and meridian meditation and the other is visualizing your body as a healing garden. The second place track is an Autogenic Training (basis of self hypnosis).

Eventbrite - Yogathon Class to Support Doctors Without Borders

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Vancouver, Canada residents can donate to Doctors Without Borders Canada for a class at the studio or a personal Yoga instruction session with Roberta Cruz-Toews at Brasil Wellness Center. Suggested minimum donation of $50 CDN for a personal yoga class, please donate online by clicking here. Once donation is completed please call Roberta at 778 908 2472. You must provide your receipt number in order to secure your session. Sessions can be booked for any regular day in July or August.



Astrid Tjoa of Tjoa Yoga and Studio Perfect in the Netherlands is also available to offer a yoga class for the fundraiser. Please contact Astrid via Tjoa Yoga’s facebook site for more details. Donations to the Dutch office of Doctors Without Borders can be made online by clicking here. Please make sure to keep a copy of your receipt number as proof of donation. Your receipt acts as an admission ticket to a yoga class with Astrid.



Dutch Yoga

Karen Palmer is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and the founder of her local Earth Day celebration. She is also the bestselling author of “Dogs Are Gifts From God” and the host of her own radio show called Positively Pets. Karen is also a dedicated community advocate on behalf of seniors, children, and animals. Her next book “The Secret to Puppy Love” is about the law of attraction and mindfulness as tool in dog training and life.

Those who donate to Doctors Without Borders will receive wonderful audio meditation called “The 7 Wonders of You” and is a guided journey through the Chakras. The content is from a class that Karen teaches to guide people how to get into their dream zone and then use their intuition to take tangible steps to accomplish their dream goals in life. Please note, if you only want to receive Karen’s meditation please indicate that when you PM Rheba about your donation. If you want to receive Karen’s meditation plus Esther’s online class and Lyn’s CD, minimum donation for all three gifts would be $35 USD or EUROS.

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How to donate for US residents:

(1) Donate online in advance. Just hold on to your receipt as proof of payment when you visit the studio for your Yoga or Pilates class. Please make sure to check the drop-in rate for the participating studio that you choose if you will be donating via this fundraising site. The amount should match the cost of the class but you are able to contribute more if you wish.

(2) As participating studios sign on for this benefit event, their locations will be posted on this website. Simply go to a participating studio on Tuesday, July 23, 2013. Show them your receipt from your donation on the fundraising site for the event. This is your entry ticket to a class. You can donate to any of the three charities:  Doctors Without Borders OR Golden State German Shepherd Rescue (Southern California residents have the option to donate instead to German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County) OR SaveABunny.

How to donate for non-US residents:

For a list of international MSF offices, please click here. Please inquire as to how to donate to these international locations.  Remember to keep a copy of your receipt in order to receive a link to the special online class from Esther Ekhart.

How to Participate as a Studio Partner: 

Contact our event organizer responsible for studio outreach, Rheba Estante, via Twitter @RhebaE or via phone at 310-579-2392.

For non-Bay Area based Yoga and Pilates Studios:

If you live outside the Bay Area you can still donate by making your contribution on this fundraising page. Donating through this site is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to make a contribution to our fundraising efforts.

Many thanks for your support– and don’t forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too! Non-Bay Area based Yoga and Pilates studios are eligible to participate as event partners. Just contact our studio outreach event organizer to sign-up.

Although the original vision for the fundraiser was to hold it locally we certainly don’t want to limit ourselves! Please stay tuned for US and International studio partners as they join the event.

How this fundraiser began:

This concept for this fundraiser began when with finding the book May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein. The focus of May Cause Miracles is training a person to shift their thoughts from fear to love, the “agape” kind, which is from the Greek meaning a love for humankind. From there the idea of organizing a fundraiser to benefit Doctors Without Borders was born.

There are many places in the world where what would be just a routine medical procedure or treatment would constitute a miracle. The choice to organize and host a fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders was a natural one.

To donate now to Doctors without Borders USA via FirstGiving, go to:

Please click on the event pages on this site to donate to either or both of the selected animal rescues.

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If you wish to donate anonymously you are ineligible to use your receipt at a participating studio on the day of the event or access the special online classes. For anonymous donations, please make your online contribution by clicking here. Funds will be sent directly to Doctors without Borders USA.

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