About the Fall 2013 Global Yoga Fundraiser for Doctors without Borders

The main charity that the Fall 2013 Global Yoga Fundraiser benefit is Doctors without Borders USA. To donate now to Doctors without Borders, please click here. Our Fall 2013 Spokesperson is Travis Eliot, Creator of The Ultimate Yogi, known as the P90X of Yoga. 


Travis Eliot, a yoga instructor inspired by his global travels and his profound passion for music, is one of the brightest rising stars in the yoga community. His classes are intensely dynamic, meditative, and transforming; they will keep you physically resilient, mentally sharp, emotionally balanced, and spiritually charged. Travis Eliot has taken his innovative teachings to Thailand, Bali, Canada, and India. Travis Eliot is currently on the faculty of North America’s renowned yoga institution, Kripalu.

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We were pleased that the fundraiser’s Summer 2013 spokesperson was Esther Ekhart of Ekhart Yoga. Esther is a yoga innovator and passionate teacher who reaches an international audience with her online videos.


Wheel-pose Side-angle-pose Down-dog-pose Crow-pose Chair-PoseEkhartYoga-logo


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